My publications (selected)

Ahlqvist, Toni (2013). Building innovation excellence in world class: the ‘cluster’ as an instrument of spatial governance in the European Union. (Forthcoming in International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 2013)

 Ahlqvist, Toni & Moisio, Sami (2013). Neoliberalisation in a Nordic state: from cartel polity towards a corporate polity in Finland. New Political Economy, DOI:10.1080/13563467.2013.768608

Ahlqvist, Toni (2013). Potential governmentality and the state transformation in Finland. Geopolitics, DOI:10.1080/14650045.2012.723286

Ahlqvist, Toni (2013). Engineering spatial fixes: Relational spatial practices, strategic-topological approach and the construction of a Finnish science-technology district. Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography 95:1, 89–109.

Ahlqvist, Toni (2012). Entering the ‘Darwinian markets of Europe’: strategic management of space-time in two regional strategy processes in southern Finland, 1990-1994. Space & Polity 16:2, 153–174.

Ahlqvist, Toni, Halonen, Minna, Eerola, Annele, Kivisaari, Sirkku, Kohl, Johanna, Koivisto, Raija, Myllyoja, Jouko & Wessberg, Nina (2012). Systemic transformation, anticipatory culture, and knowledge spaces: constructing organisational capacities in roadmapping projects at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 24:8, 821–841.

 Ahlqvist, Toni, Valovirta, Ville & Loikkanen, Torsti (2012). Innovation policy roadmapping as a systemic instrument for forward-looking policy design. Science and Public Policy 39, 178–190.

 Auvinen, Heidi, Tuominen, Anu & Ahlqvist, Toni (2012). Towards long-term foresight for transport: envisioning the Finnish transport system in 2100. Foresight 14:3, 191–206.

 Ahlqvist, Toni, Bäck, Asta, Heinonen, Sirkka & Halonen, Minna (2010). Road-mapping the societal transformation potential of social media. Foresight 12:5, 3–26.

Tuominen, Anu & Ahlqvist, Toni (2010). Is the transport system becoming ubiquitous? Socio-technical roadmapping as a tool for integrating transport policies and intelligent transport systems and services in Finland. Technological Forecasting & Social Change 77, 120–134.

Loikkanen, Torsti, Ahlqvist, Toni & Pellinen, Pekka (2009). Role of technology barometer in assessing past and future development of national innovation system. Technological Forecasting & Social Change 76, 1177–1186.

Könnölä, Totti, Ahlqvist, Toni, Eerola, Annele, Kivisaari, Sirkku & Koivisto, Raija (2009). Management of foresight portfolio: analysis of modular foresight projects at contract research organization. Technological Analysis & Strategic Management 21:3, 381–405.

Koivisto, Raija, Wessberg, Nina, Eerola, Annele, Ahlqvist, Toni, Kivisaari, Sirkku, Myllyoja, Jouko & Halonen, Minna (2009). Integrating FTA and risk assessment methodologies. Technological Forecasting & Social Change 76, 1163–1176.

Uotila, Tuomo & Ahlqvist, Toni (2008). Linking technology foresight and regional innovation activities: network facilitating innovation policy in Lahti region, Finland. European Planning Studies 16:10, 1423–1443.

Ahlqvist, Toni & Inkinen, Tommi (2007). Technology foresight in scalar innovation systems: a spatiotemporal process perspective. Fennia 185:1, 3–14.

Ahlqvist, Toni (2005). From information society to biosociety? On societal waves, developing key technologies, and new professions. Technological Forecasting & Social Change 72, 501–519.

Ahlqvist, Toni (2000). A quest for polygon landscapes, or GIS and the condition of epistemology. Fennia 178:1, 97–111.


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